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SaltWaterFish is an online fish store that specializes in everything a saltwater fish hobbyist needs to make their home saltwater reef a piece of paradise.  SaltWaterFish sells a wide variety of salt water fish and invertebrates:

and many other beautiful salt water animals. SaltWaterFish also sells a large variety of salt water coral and live rocks, and salt water aquarium supplies and reef packages. 

SaltWaterFish strives to run their store in tribute and with respect to the environment, and only sells fish, live rocks, coral, and invertebrates that are sustainably collected or aquacultured. SaltWaterFish prides itself on only working with fishermen and suppliers that are responsible and show equal respect to the environment as they do. SaltWaterFish is the founder of the non-profit Deep Blue Seas Foundation that provides scholarships to the children of the fishermen who help collect the fish they sell.

SaltWaterFish: What makes it different?

SaltWaterFish is a shopping paradise for the salt water fish hobbyist. Not only does SaltWaterFish offer a vaster variety of fish than most of their competition, they also offer lower prices on many of their livestock. SaltWaterFish is one of the very best stores to shop at for people who are concerned about the environment and want to shop somewhere that believes in sustainability. Unlike most of their competition, all of SaltWaterFish’s marine life are either sustainably collected or aquacultured. SaltWaterFish offers a better guarantee on their marine life than many of their competitors do and has lower better shipping costs. In addition, SaltWaterfish has weekly specials, reef reward points that can be traded in for free merchandise, salt water fish forums, and 15% of the first order just for joining their mailing list.

SaltWaterFish vs. primary competitors (sites similar to SaltWaterFish)

Two of SaltWaterFish's biggest competitors are Aquatic Connection and Vivid Aquariums. All three stores offer a wide variety of salt water fish, coral, invertebrates and salt water fish supplies. All three stores offer competitive prices; however, SaltWaterFish has the least expensive prices on the majority of products. All three stores have beautiful color photos of their marine life and attractive websites; however, SaltWaterFish has the easiest to navigate website of the three stores


  • SaltWaterFish offers free shipping to all Florida residents and free shipping throughout America when customers spend $89.99 or more in their free shipping  area.
  • Aquatic Connection offers free shipping to Florida residents when they spend over $100. 
  • Vivid Aquariums offers free shipping on all American orders over $225; however, there is a $10 box fee.  


  • SaltWaterFish offers a 15 day life guarantee on all marine life purchases. 
  • Vivid Aquariums offers a 15 day guarantee on most of their livestock
  • Aquatic Connection offers a 48 hour guarantee on most of their livestock.

Sales and Specials:

  • SaltWaterFish offers weekly specials and has a sale area 
  • Aquatic Connection does not have a sale area
  • Vivid Aquariums does not have a sales area

Payment Options:

  • SaltWaterFish offers five payment options; PayPal, Discover, Amex, Visa and MasterCard
  • Aquatic Connection offers seven payment options; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, certified cheques, money wire, money orders and cashier cheques
  • Vivid Aquariums offers six payment options; money orders, cashier's cheques, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
SaltWaterFish: Pricing & packages

All three stores, SaltWaterFish, Vivid Aquariums and Aquatic Connection, offer very competitive prices. In a price comparison of five different species of marine life that are sold in all three stores, SaltWaterFish had the least expensive prices on four out of five products.

Flame Angel Fish

  • $49.99
  • Vivid Aquariums: $59.99
  • Aquatic Connection: $59.99

ORA Clownfish

  • $17.99
  • Vivid Aquariums: $12.99
  • Aquatic Connection: $16.99

Pink Cucumber

  • $17.99
  • Vivid Aquariums: $29.99
  • Aquatic Connection: $19.99

Emerald Crab

  • $7.99
  • Vivid Aquariums: $8.99
  • Aquatic Connection: $9.99

Red Mushroom Coral

  • $34.99
  • Vivid Aquariums: $34.99
  • Aquatic Connection: $39.99
SaltWaterFish: Product images & screenshots
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SaltWaterFish: Customer reviews & comments

SaltWaterFish received rave reviews from customers. Out of 639 reviews, SaltWaterFish received an overall mark of 4.5 out of five. Customers complimented the store on their excellent quality livestock, stating that they received superb quality marine life that was both healthy and beautiful. Customers were also extremely pleased with SaltWaterFish’s low prices and excellent sales. SaltWaterFish also received compliments for their low shipping cost and quick dependable shipping. In addition, SaltWaterFish was praised for their excellent customer service. However, there was the occasional customer complaint that they did not receive free shipping on specials as indicted on the webpage and that the marine life they purchased was far smaller than expected. Overall, the vast majority of customers were extremely pleased with their SaltWaterFish shopping experience and would happily shop there again.

Some customer reviews were:

  • Simply the best - Honest and fair business who are true to their word. A pleasure to deal with. Great customer service.
  • Good customer service - Ordered a lionfish, anenome and something else from here last year. Everything arrived dead thanks to fedex delivering at 9 PM... they took care of it, refunded me fully.
  • Never a problemWe have ordered fro SWF for a few years, the ordering process and delivery has always been on point and if ever there was the slightest issue, it has always been taken care of.
  • Shipping chargesAlthough i am pleased with my order, i was suppose to get free shipping for the special i ordered. Other than that, all specimans were healthy on arrival.
  • Trusted SupplierAfter some disaster experiences with local fish stores, I won't purchase livestock for my reef aquarium unless I trust the source. Virtually every item purchased has been of the highest quality..........
  • One of the best sellerBuy in confidence,excellent livestock,price and very professional people to deal with....
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Comments (2)
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Thanks your review came in handy for my comparison report, which will be linked to your review.

I have found to be the worst of the three, They prepare there livestock for shipping very poorly not shipping with the proper amount of water. There live stock size is most often puny in comparison to the other two and when an item is DOA or dies withing the warranty period, they say they will send you another replacement with your next order, they do not reimburse your credit card. (Even if they don't ship the item at all)  then they never send you the item even on subsequent orders. (I am still waiting for reimbursement after 4 years) Can you say "RIPOFF"....STAY AWAY FROM THESE SHYSTERS !

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